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   In 1984 Fiat released the final production model of the Ritmo, the 130 TC Abarth. The car is based on the Ritmo 2 body, but contains exciting modifications. Abarth modifications to suspension and engine gave this car ample quantities of both acceleration and handling. The 125TC (130TC predecessor based on Ritmo 1 shell) won the 1982 Italian Group A Championship. The Ritmo 130TC was with Group N rallying in mind, and when released in 1984, was the quickest production hatch available.

   The Ritmo 130TC was produced between 1984 - 1988 , developed 130 bhp at 5900 rpm, and could sprint to 100kmh in just under 8 seconds. This car had a very firm ride that some people would have found uncomfortable. The optional Recaro seats look the business but lack lumbar and under thigh support. They do offer good lateral support while cornering . One cannot help but wonder what the 131 Rally's 16 valve head may have added to this already impressive equation.



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